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JOINT Fund series: Investigating Social Responsibility and Social Impact within the Esport Industry

31 May 2019

2 mins

As part of the JOINT Fund initiative, Dr Emily Hayday leads research that intends to better understand the perceptions, attitudes and experiences of key stakeholders towards social impacts through/within Esport. This blog shares the progress of the research so far:

Aims of the project

This research is being undertaken by the Institute for Sport Business and the Institute for International Management. This exploratory study will act as a pilot investigation and intends to better understand the perceptions, attitudes and experiences of key stakeholders towards social impact through/within Esport. This research will explore the challenges and opportunities to enact Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agendas and consider the potential role of Esport to achieve socio-cultural development goals.

Progress so far

This research aims to mobilise and engage key Esport stakeholders, alongside individuals working within the area of sport for development, community and youth programmes to explore and recognise the diverse social development opportunities Esport may provide.

We organised, planned and promoted three research workshops. One was hosted at Loughborough University London on the 12 April 2019. The other two workshops were hosted in collaboration with Cal Esports at the University of California on the 26 and 27 April 2019 which engaged relevant organisations and stakeholders, as well as gamers themselves.

Key challenges and successes so far

As Esport is such a dynamic and growing industry, we are really starting from the ground up, exploring complex issues from multiple perspectives. So, to ensure a range of voices are heard, as are also undertaking additional interviews with relevant individuals. Importantly, we have received interest and enthusiasm from multiple stakeholders, who have noted the importance of this research area. We are promoting the workshops through multiple channels and have workshop attendees who will be representing organisations such as: GAME, WHU Foundation, National Student Esports, Edge Esports and many more.

If you are interested in getting involved in this study or hearing more, please contact the lead researcher:

More information on the JOINT Fund initiative can be found on our news story. To keep up-to-date with our research projects, check our blog weekly.

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