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Professor Cora Burnett’s visit

6 December 2018

2 mins

Last week, Professor Cora Burnett visited our campus from the University of Johannesburg and delivered a lecture to students and staff on the use and role of sport in social transformation.

Cora Burnett is a research professor at the University of Johannesburg and holds a doctorate in Human Movement Studies and one in Social Anthropology. Over the years, she conducted multiple national research project and international research funded by the IOC, Commonwealth Games Federation, European Union, the Australian Sports Commission, and CSI research projects such as the Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN) in several African countries.

Cora delivered a number of lectures and workshops across both campuses on the sub-theme of personal development in motion. This theme includes investigating aspects of personal development, including societal perceptions of youth, transitional ageing effects of sport on marginal populations and the psychosocial attributes necessary for successful progression across life and career stages e.g. child to adolescent, adolescent to adult, adult to old age.

The lecture covered the following themes:

  1. Social transformation in Post-Apartheid South Africa – from national identity formation (legacy projects) to addressing multiple ‘social ills’.
  2. The illusiveness of nation-building and the uncomfortable truths of social cohesion and integration
  3. Case study analysis from Stories from the field for contextual understanding of individual agency – linked to discourses.
  4. Understanding of place, space and historical context (Post-colonial African countries and Post-genocide Rwanda)

She also had a particularly significant impact on our PhD students. Cora spent a considerable amount of time with our PhD students, conducting a research methods workshop and had numerous 1-2-1 meetings with then. Cora was incredibly generous with her time, experience and knowledge, she was exceptionally impressed with our students and said that spending time with them was one of her highlights.

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