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Aditi’s Alumni Dinners in India

22 February 2017

2 mins

The best part of my role at Loughborough University is the fact that it is so diverse.

During my recent trip to India with the University’s international office, we visited different cities and met with students interested in studying with us. In these trips I shared my experiences of studying at the Loughborough campus and working at the London campus. From the feedback that we have received from my previous trip, the prospective students greatly appreciate the first-hand experience of the student life at Loughborough University in both the campuses.

One of the unique events on this trip was to meeting with some of the alumni in each city that we visited. To my surprise, some of the alumni were from the cohorts that graduated in 1950, 1957 and 1960 but it was so wonderful to hear them speak so passionately about their memories of studying at Loughborough, especially when we just had less than one-third of the campus that we have today!

It was lovely to talk to recent graduates and hear some interesting and hilarious stories about their Loughborough experience at their initiation week experience, their accommodation halls socials, and other stories.

It made me realise that when we think back to the time we spent at Loughborough, it will not be all the classes that we remember but the experiences that we shared outside the classes too, which makes it such a unique experience to study at Loughborough University. It is the same for me too. Some of the fondest memories that I have of ‘Lufbra’ are the socials and away trips with my university football team, volunteering for Loughborough XI vs Manchester United U-19 at the University stadium (where now English professional footballer, Marcus Rashford, scored a hat trick), the barbecue parties with my course friends along with a lot of night out memories.

This is probably the reason why we have the saying – ‘you can take the student out of Lufbra but you can never take Lufbra out of the student’.

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