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Are you interested in joining our new student-led Chess Club?

18 February 2021

2 mins

The Future Space team here at Loughborough University London have recently teamed up with some our Student Ambassadors to create a student-led chess tournament. The initiative derived from some of our current students who decided to form a Chess Club. This has since grown into a positive community of students meeting weekly to compete.

After seeing the success of the growing chess club, our Future Space team stepped in to launch the Universities first student-led tournament. Student Ambassador, Shreyan’s Nilvarna, has been at the forefront, coordinating and organising this tournament on a virtual platform called

The Chess Club is a welcoming group for anyone who has an interest in learning to play chess or individuals who looking for a community to play with. Shreyan’s has a passion of making chess more of a mainstream sport and to encourage the participation of more female competitors within the game.

The first tournament kicked off on Friday 5 February and involved more than 20 participants. Congratulations to Komal Ghai and Jordan Vasileiadis were crowned the champions in their respective categories for the week. The tournament is set to continue on a weekly basis so don’t miss out on your chance to compete and become the next chess champion!

There is no pre-requisites to join this club – all you need is a computer and an account for! Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player, the tournament will be structured in a way that you will enjoy!

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