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An interview with Dean’s Award for Enterprise scholar, Daniel Jennings

13 November 2020

3 mins

In a recent interview with NimbleFins, current MSc Sport Marketing student and the 2020-21 Dean’s Award for Enterprise scholar, Daniel, spoke about his time so far studying at Loughborough University London.

Tell us one thing about you that’s not on your resume.

Growing up I had the opportunity to live in a fair few countries including the Netherlands, Dubai, Denmark, Singapore, and now the UK.

What has your experience been like at Loughborough University London?

Although I have only been studying at Loughborough University London for about a month, the experience has been absolutely fantastic. I am extremely impressed with the level of knowledge shared by my lecturers. In addition to that, Loughborough University London has provided me with plenty of opportunities, which has enabled me to gain more business skills.

What other schools were you considering, and why did you choose Loughborough University London?

To be honest, Loughborough University London was my only choice. I knew that if I wanted to study anything sports-related Loughborough University was the best option out there, so I did not consider other places. I also decided to apply for Loughborough University London because of their high status within entrepreneurship, which is a big part of my life.

What influenced you to pursue the MSc Sport Marketing degree course?

Before studying MSc Sport Marketing, I was studying Applied Sport Science with Management at Loughborough College. Throughout my three years at Loughborough College, I found myself choosing all my optional modules to be business/marketing related. While at Loughborough, I engaged with the Coach and Volunteer Academy at Loughborough University, which provided me with work experience within sport marketing. Since then, sport marketing has been my chosen path.

What has your experience been like with the programme? What did you find especially valuable about your degree course?

My experience with the program has been nothing short of amazing. Though I have not been part of my programme for long, I am overwhelmed by how much effort Loughborough University London has put in to provide students with guest speakers and real-life scenarios to really inspire learning within the industry.

What was your favourite class/module and why?

Since I have only had two modules so far, there is not much to choose from, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the Sport Business and Innovation module. The reason why I have chosen this module is because it focuses on entrepreneurship, which is a huge passion of mine. I had so much fun coming up with a new feasible business innovation for one of my assessments. It really is a dream module, with so many inspiring guest speakers and of course a wonderful and engaging lecturer.

What has been most challenging about studying MSc Sport Marketing?

The only challenge I have experienced while studying MSc Sport Marketing is trying to go back into studying and reading pages and pages of academic journals after a long break during the pandemic.

To read the full interview, please visit the NimbleFins website.

This interview was conducted by Erin Yurday, the CEO, Co-founder and Editor of NimbleFins.

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