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Designing Dreams: A Journey Through My MSc in Design

19 September 2023

4 mins

Snigdha Hore and Prof. Charlotte Croffie
Prof. Charlotte Croffie and Snigdha Hore

Today as I sit here to reflect back on my experience as Masters student in Loughborough University, London it fills me with immense joy & nostalgia for the past journey of about an year. I started my journey in London by leaving the vibrant chaos of my hometown Kolkata, seeking new horizons. From the iconic Howrah Bridge to the bustling streets of Piccadilly Circus, the transition was surreal. I embraced diverse cultures, savoured on the cuisines, and marvelled at Big Ben’s majestic chimes. Kolkata’s charm intertwined with London’s allure, forever shaping my adventurous spirit throughout this journey. I embarked upon this journey after successfully completing my under-graduation in Accessory Design. After learning & working in creatives realms of the design industry I decided to learn more about the other realms of the industry. When it comes to design, the interaction of a particular design with humans has always piqued my attention. I’ve always considered design to be something that can address an issue with an existing design rather than something that is only for aesthetic reasons. My motivation for enrolling to studyDesign Innovation was to understand more about how innovations may be implemented into products, services, and systems.

Institute for Design Innovation, FLUX2023 Design Commoning Symposium 

I was intrigued with the content of my modules & as the modules passed by it shaped me to become more confident in knowing about the use of design in a much larger social phenomenon. I interacted regularly with my academic mentors & my fellow peers to learn more about the world of design innovation. Throughout my pursuit of a master’s degree, I faced both triumphs and tribulations. The endless nights of studying, the overwhelming deadlines, and the occasional self-doubt tested my resilience. However, I refused to let setbacks define me. Collaborating with diverse nationals in team projects enriched this experience, broadening my cultural perspectives and enhancing problem-solving skills with a global mindset for future developments. One of the most exciting modules, Collaborative Project which gave me the opportunity of working on a collaborative team project with the B-corp. William Joseph. It was an invaluable experience that significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth. Through our joint efforts, we achieved remarkable results, sharpened our communication and problem-solving skills, and built a lasting partnership based on trust and shared success. Engaging in a group project fostered the development of professional skills while also nurturing personal skills like adaptability, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. It provided me a platform to learn from diverse perspectives, cultivate time management abilities, and build lasting connections that extended beyond the project itself. I applied to become a student representative of the EDI Committee of the University on the first month of my studies. As a PGT representative I assisted the university with various EDI initiatives & events arranged by the Committee along with a few student experience activities. As a BAME student being part of the EDI Committee also helped me shape my dissertation topic further ahead.

I also received the opportunity to be a part of the Flux Design Research Symposium arranged by the University. It was an incredible experience to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the field and explore the frontiers of design research. The symposium provided a platform to exchange ideas, gain new perspectives, and broaden my knowledge in areas that are shaping the future of design. Furthermore, I went through several additional experiences throughout this journey that helped me become a better person and learn about my options going forward. I had the chance to research my alternatives for my next step in my professional life on a round table discussion with PhD students. Along with these academic courses, I also made sure to socialise with my classmates to enjoy holidays.

Written by Snigdha Hore, Student, Institute for Design Innovation

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