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Developing skills through career workshop sessions

3 January 2019

3 mins

Sport Analytics and Technologies MSc graduate, Lindsay has written about the employability and career opportunities Loughborough University London offers in this blog.

Though I enjoyed all opportunities Loughborough University London offered me, the career workshops and activities organised by the Employability Team has provided me with fantastic prospects to develop my skills and prepare me for future employment.

Career guidance

Loughborough University London students can have one-to-one appointments with the Careers Consultants, Laura and Nadine. Their services include career advice, quick consultations and interview coaching (e.g. mock interviews), and all you have to do is book an appointment on TARGETconnect or you can visit the Student Support desk on the second floor or email the London Employability team. If you are looking for an intensive, beneficial and private support session from professional career consultants, this is the highly suitable and has really helped me.

Career breakfast sessions

The career breakfast sessions are an opportunity to share experiences and learn from fellow students. We covered various topics, including job applications, covering letters, CV guidance and career development. As an international student, it was extremely helpful to learn more about the UK job market and find out more about other students’ experiences. If you are an international student who is interested in obtaining a future career in the UK after your master’s programme, the breakfast sessions will help you build a perfect CV, covering letter and an application that fits in with the UK standards! It is also a great place to meet other students, build relationships and network.

Employability activities

Loughborough University London have countless partnerships with organisations and recruiters. During the Business Game session provided by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), I could taste the life of a Chartered Accountant, who is solving clients’ commercial challenges. It was a brilliant platform to develop strong analytical skills and I was able to participate in team work. We were given a limited of time, about 2 hours to solve the real cases and had a presentation in front of the judges at the end of the session. This also benefited my presentation skills and confidence.

The session ‘How to Think Like a Recruiter’ with GradConsult offered the opportunity to develop smart strategies when making applications for jobs. I was able to broaden my understanding of graduate schemes and get to know what kinds of resources that would enhance my job searching process. It was great to hear from the recruiters about the common mistakes from applicants, tips for video interviews and counter-intuitive facts about the recruiting process.

Networking workshops

One of the reasons why I chose Loughborough University London was because of the University’s great connections with a wide range of national and international organisations. The Employability and Stakeholder management team offered a wide range of project-based and internship-based opportunities for the dissertation. There was a chance to learn more about the representatives of the participating companies and organisations before making the applications. I have been able to broaden my network and learn about the current business challenges of the organisations.

The Collaborative Project module is also fantastic. It challenges students and makes you use your experiences and expertise to solve a real business problem, provided by one of Loughborough University London’s partners.

Loughborough University London would like to thank Lindsay for writing this blog. We wish you all the best of luck in your next journey. If you would like to find out more about the career support and services we offer, please see our careers page.

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