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Hadiza’s experience: studying during a pandemic

8 January 2021

4 mins

We asked some of our new students about their time at Loughborough University London – Here is what current student Hadiza, had to say about her experience so far.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University London?

I had a cousin studied at the Loughborough University East midlands campus. She was always so positive about her experience and had this drive and confidence that I had always admired. At the time, I was studying elsewhere but she would brag about Loughborough! So, one day I sat her down and asked her ‘what is it that you love about this university so much?’. She said it wasn’t about the University as such, but more so the confidence the University had instilled in her, that she could do anything she wanted to career wise.

Through the different services offered by Loughborough University, she was able to utilise the career advise and additional activities/events – all of which added to her confidence. She was one of the reasons I applied here. Having said that, the high credibility of the institution always stood out to me too – as an Institution, Loughborough University is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the UK.

Tell us more about you experience here so far.

I’m loving it – it is indescribable! Initially, I was worried I may not get the full student experience due to COVID-19. However, after arriving here in London, I was quite surprised! From the start, as soon as you arrive, there are effective protection measures in place and social distancing measures set up. From the receptionist, to the highly rated Professor’s, everyone here has really made it such a beautiful and safe experience.

How did you find the move to London?

First of all being nervous is ok – you’re likely to be nervous if your travelling from far away as you don’t know what to expect. However, let me tell you, it will surprise you!

Don’t be scared because everything here has been set-up for you and everyone is excited for you to be here at Loughborough University London. It’s ok to be scared, but get on that plane and once you arrive I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the service and support available to students.

In regard to your education, as long as you’ve chosen what interests you and you are ready to study, then you have absolutely nothing to worried about! You are about to attend one of the best universities in the UK – in fact, in the world!

What has been you experience so far with our academic and support staff?

The staff here at Loughborough University London all love to help students in all aspects – they all have a lot of time for you. They take the safety precautions and social distancing measures very seriously, so everyone on campus feels safe. It is a very flexible environment but it is clear that the staff are here to guide you on your career journey and are always happy to answer any additional questions.

What does the #LboroFamily mean to you?

The #LboroFamily to me is, a dynamic and warm concept. Especially as an international student, one of your first concerns are whether you will feel included – for me personally, I’ve never felt so welcome in an institution before! Loughborough University London basically hugged me from the airport! Not physically of course, but from all of the surrounding systems and services put in place, my transition to the University was always smooth and welcoming . You never feel excluded in any way – everyone in the #LboroFamily are always there to offer support and to be there for you. The #LboroFamily actually feels like a family and I’ve never once felt that my voice isn’t heard – I’ve never doubted my decision to become a student at this institution.

And finally, what would you say to someone who is considering studying at Loughborough University?

I would recommend coming to Loughborough University London because of the student experience – whoever you are, wherever you are from Loughborough University is the best! All the services and facilities here are set up purely to benefit you as a student. All students deserve to go to an institution where they are put first like you are here, hence why I think you should all definitely come here!

Hadiza is from Nigeria and studies our International Management MSc programme.

We would like to thank Hadiza for taking the time to answer our questions.

To find out more about Hadiza’s and some of our other students’ experiences so far – take a look at our recent video on YouTube or Youku.

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