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Introducing our new Student Ambassadors

10 December 2020

9 mins

We’ve recently welcomed our new cohort of students for the 2020-21 academic year, including 15 new Student Ambassadors. Take a look below to hear what our current student ambassadors had to say about their Loughborough University London experience so far and their advice for prospective students:


From: the UK

Studying: MSc Risk, Governance & International Management

“Loughborough University is a long standing and prestigious institution with significant global recognition and was a large reason as to why I wanted to attend this university. Visiting the London campus and seeing the facilities and study space available truly put things into practice for me and moving back to London, the city I was born and raised in, made the idea of studying at Loughborough University London a great proposition for me. I love the scope for debate underpinned by quality teaching within my course and at the University. Studying does not feel as rigid and we are regularly encouraged to share our ideas and discuss amongst our classes. Having a range of students from different backgrounds within a variety of opinions truly makes such discussion interesting to see things from different perspectives.”


From: India

Studying: MSc Design Innovation Management

“The course has helped me acquire some practical and innovative business acumen required for excelling in a global company. The strategies and techniques taught in class would surely help me in a business or firm which delivers innovative, functional, and aesthetic solutions for problems and difficulties of people around the world.

The diversity in the students attending the course helps you learn different views and aspects of a topic. Professors and Lecturers from the course are very enthusiastic about what they teach and try to make the classes as interactive and engaging as possible. The block method of teaching also lets you fully immerse in a subject and understand it better.”


From: the UK

Studying: MSc Design Innovation Management

“When looking at the different opportunities to further my study, I was drawn to Design Innovation Management because of the Collaborative Project which provides the chance to work with businesses. This would allow me to gain real life project experience as well as develop my network when looking for graduate opportunities. I think the part of the course I enjoy the most is being able to work with people from different backgrounds to my own – there are students from different cultures and educational fields which has given rise to interesting conversations and has opened my mind to other ways of thinking and working.”


From: The Phillipines

Studying: MSc Security, Peace-building and Diplomacy

“I chose to study at Loughborough University London because it offers a perfect course related to my advocacy of promoting sustainable peace. Aside from that, the roster of world class and top calibre professors is very impressive. The campus location is also amazing. For an international student like me, it is very thrilling to live and study in the UK, more so in London.

The diversity in class is what I enjoy most. Since our classrooms are considered melting pots for cultures around the world – since the students are from different parts of the globe. Not only that, it creates an atmosphere of learning in the global perspective whilst at the same time cultures international understanding.”


From: the UK

Studying: MSc Digital Creative Media

“What I enjoy the most about my course is learning new things from different courses every day. For instance, I am now learning coding though I do not have a programming background. I saw it as a real challenge at first, but then I started to adapt to it and work on my assignment bit by bit. I love this feeling of looking back at how far I have come and how much I have learned from the beginning. Besides accumulating knowledge from the courses, meeting and communicating with classmates, lecturers, alumni who have related experiences gives me different perspectives on digital media industry. I do hope that I will reach my future career goals with the help of my master’s degree as a whole.”


From: Germany

Studying: MSc Sport Analytics and Technologies

“I love the diversity of students and academics at the University. I have met some amazing fellow students who are passionate about their chosen subject. The academics come from a diverse background with a real passion for the subject they’re teaching. I also love that I can take a stroll in the huge Olympic park or walk along the wonderful canal down the road from the University to relax or have lunch. Some modules had several fantastic guest lecturers talk to us. Some of the guest lecturers have been Loughborough alumni that were working within sports, we also got a talk from the head of research and innovation of a big football club and many more outstanding individuals that have enhanced my learning experience.”


From: Nigeria

Studying: MSc International Management

“What I enjoy most about my course is how the teachers are very invested in seeing you succeed. I also appreciate the new topics I learn about from the business management world. A module I’m taking at the moment is called managing sustainability which is one of my favourites so far. There is so much business can do to make both their customers and employees happy. It’s a great course! Loughborough University London has created such a warm and safe environment for all students especially for international students. I’m glad I’m here!”


From: India

Studying: MSc Sport Business and Innovation

“I’ve always wanted to study at Loughborough, for its world-class sports programmes and faculty and the diversity of the students that come to the University.

My advice to any students looking to study at Loughborough University London is be ready to learn and embrace the culture, knowledge, and enthusiasm of the Loughborough family. The experience is irreplaceable and goes too quickly so just enjoy it!”


From: the UK

Studying: MSc Sport Business and Innovation

“I am really enjoying getting the opportunity to learn from industry experts, who often deliver guest lectures. This provides a great insight and also a fantastic opportunity to network. It is also great studying as part of such a diverse cohort. Within discussions we have such a broad range of different lived experiences that the conversation is always rich, and the differing opinions and approaches challenges us to learn beyond our comfort zones.”


From: Romania

Studying: MSc Digital Marketing

“I chose to study at Loughborough University London because I was impressed by the high academic standard of the University from my undergraduate studies. I was also attracted to the master’s programme offered on the London campus which I believe will give me an edge in the competitive job market, as well as the diversity of topics covered and its practical focus on the business world. The programme gives me exposure to a variety of issues and challenges that digital marketers face, and we are encouraged to find solutions using both theory and our own reflective thinking.”


From: Panama

Studying: MSc Sport Business and Innovation

“Studying sports means also passion, emotion, culture those aspects during classes and activities create an immersive experience in theoretical and practical methodology. I really like the connection of Loughborough with stakeholders/industry. In the first month I easily connected with more than 10 start-ups during classes and Future Space activities. The learning content is not just classes, exist a world of activities organized by Future Space (you need to know about them), Loughborough Enterprise Network also has entrepreneurship workshops, seminars. If you need to improve your academic English and writing skills the University also provides workshops for these. It just amazing all the knowledge that you can access through Loughborough University London….. and of course classmates it’s fantastic how much you can learn by making friends.”


From: the UK

Studying: MA Media and Creative Industries

“The structure of the degree programmes at Loughborough University London in particular motivates me as I find it to be not only inspiring but also very suited to my aspirations for studying at postgraduate level. Loughborough University is ranked in the top 10 in University league tables and and having studied at the Loughborough campus I figured I’d get the same quality teaching here in London site as well.”


From: the UK

Studying: MSc Sports Business and Leadership

“The thing I enjoy most about my course is the opportunity to meet like-minded, yet diverse people, and make the most of the discussions and conversations that arise as a result. Furthermore, hearing from such a wide range of sports leaders, each with their own set of stories and careers path, acts as inspiration for us as students as we begin to think about our future beyond studies.”


From: India

Studying: MSc Sport Business and Innovation

“The location of the campus in Here East creates a sense of professionalism which is needed for a master’s course. All the professors are really supportive and friendly which gives you a comfort zone to explore your thoughts and ideas about the sports industry. The most interesting aspect is the association of each concept with the practical world. We learn things by applying concepts in the real world through case studies and group work. Our modules allow us to create a holistic understanding of the sports industry, and this has given me a clarity on what I might want to pick as a prospective career choice in the future in the sports industry. A master’s degree is a good opportunity to fine tune and build on your existence knowledge while you network and explore all the possible career paths.”


From: the UK

Studying: MSc Digital Marketing

“London is a great place to be, especially for university students. Speaking from an international student perspective, adapting to a new country is never easy. But trust me, overcoming the anxiety of new climates, cultures and traditions is a life experience. As I sit in Unite Stratford One and write this message, I have a special request for those deciding to join Loughborough University London – just go out, make new friends and explore what London has to offer! Trust me, you will not regret it. In fact, you will feel more confident, strong and on your journey to living a better life. Last but not least, as a university student do not forget – keep a BUDGET. If not, say bye-bye to your bank account!”

To find out more about our Student Ambassadors, please visit our website.

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