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26 February 2019

2 mins

Loughborough Students’ Union London (LSU London) is an organisation run to ensure that our students have the best possible experience whilst studying here. LSU London have had a number of changes recently, so we have written this blog to explain a bit more about them and what they do:

LSU London is separate to the University, although both work in partnership to ensure that the experience is great for all students.

LSU London has several key functions in your experience at Loughborough University London. This includes operating the programme representative system so all students can have their voices heard! They also offer a confidential and non-judgmental service known as Student Voice London where you can receive support with any issue or problem you may have at University. This includes;

  1. Academic misconduct (brought against you by the University)
  2. Appealing your results (where you are unhappy with processes around your assessment)
  3. Disciplinary situations (brought against you by the University)
  4. Complaints about the University or your experience

Charlene, our Education and Advice Administrator for LSU London, main focus is to proactively administer the Student Advice service, and co-ordinate the recruitment, training and support of student representatives.

LSU London’s office hours are Monday-Friday, 10-1pm and 2-4pm. LSU London is located on the second floor of campus (turn left as you exit the lifts).

If you are unable to visit the LSU London office during these times or would like to provide Charlene with your enquiry outside of these hours, please email If you are interested in scheduling a one-to-one appointment, please ensure that you email an overview of your enquiry, any documents that are relevant and also your availability.

You can find out more about LSU London and our Education and Advice Administrator, Charlene Alves on our webpages.

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