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Mature students – why apply?

19 December 2018

3 mins

Communication and Cultural Policy MA student, Lorraine Williams shares her experience so far at Loughborough University London and why other mature students should apply in this blog.

Having completed my bachelor’s degree over 7 years ago, embarking on a postgraduate degree with Loughborough University London was by default, not design. I had thoughts of undertaking postgraduate study some years back but never seriously considered it. I had looked at a few postgraduate courses at other institutions however Loughborough University London was not an option until quite recently.

Having attended Loughborough University London’s Inspiring Success Programme and due to a couple of events taking place over the summer, I made the decision to apply for a postgraduate programme here. At Loughborough University London, there is a place for everyone no matter your age, background or stage in life. I consider Loughborough University London a partner in my journey in further realising my potential.  By providing high quality teaching and support, as well as presenting opportunities to facilitate personal and professional development, there is a real holistic development experience you can obtain from studying at Loughborough University London.

From my experience so far, these are the most noteworthy things I have found:

  1. As a mature student, having increased life experience can really enhance your identity and benefit your study. Your background and history can contribute in seminars and workshops, making things even more interesting and can also help fellow students.
  2. Keeping studies on track can be difficult and can be even more challenging when there are other commitments and responsibilities to factor in, such as work, a social life and being a parent/carer. Loughborough University London offers lots of student support services, such as academic language support, career consultancy services and guidance from student support staff. This helps you keep on track and benefits your studies.
  3. As a mature student, studying may be a distant memory and something you are not used to. By having a good work ethic, perseverance, integrity and partnership with the Loughborough family will help you study and make your University experience.
  4. Loughborough University London has a wealth and breadth of support, training, tools and activities available for all students. For example, the Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) provides the space to help develop students business ideas, share ideas, and collaborate – they are there to support you at every stage of your journey. LEN also offer lots of workshops and sessions throughout the year so keep an eye out! Make sure to take advantage of all the support Loughborough University London offers.
  5. You are in a better position to assess your relationships and connections with people. People who truly support you will become even more evident; they may be inspired to explore their potential and fulfill their dreams. Those who do not support you will eventually step back, creating a space for others (i.e. Loughborough staff, students, network contacts and Loughborough industry partners) to engage with you, facilitating your journey to greater things in life.

Life is a journey where we are constantly learning, growing, experiencing and making decisions. Deciding to invest in your personal growth and development by choosing to undertake a study programme as a Loughborough University mature student will truly be worthwhile.  After taking that step, it will hopefully result in a win-win outcome.

Loughborough University London would like to thank Lorraine for writing this blog. If you are interested in applying for one of our postgraduate programmes, please see our how to apply page.

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