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My student journey so far

2 November 2015

2 mins

Federico Vaz, one of our newly appointed Institute for Design Innovation programme reps reflects on his first few weeks at Loughborough University London.

Unbelievable! The first month has gone by so quickly!

For some it might look like a short time span, which from a certain perspective is true, but if this is your first time in the UK, living in a different culture, surrounded by incredibly interesting people, and loaded with new experiences, there is no chance not to live it like an emotional roller coaster! On the other hand it is amazing how fast you can create a new routine, and get used to new places, new flavours and new ways of living. After the induction week lectures started, and the pace soon speeded up!

From tutorials with several readings and presentations to group studio sessions, everything has been really fun and motivational. It is very interesting to understand how besides academic input, Loughborough University is also very committed to delivering tools and skills for further professional development.

During the first few weeks, every student attended the Gradcores Assessment Centre, which I felt was a very valuable experience, especially for those newly graduated students who perhaps have no previous professional experience. I particularly enjoyed the Graduate Recruitment and Placement Fair at Loughborough main campus on Tuesday 20th October.

In October, Loughborough Students Union (LSU) London also elected the first ever committee and programme reps. Thanks to the support of my fellow students I am thrilled to have been elected as one the Institute for Design Innovation programme representatives, along with Tayo Oke! I am now looking forward to seeing what the rest of the semester brings!

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