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The Student Ambassador Experience

24 June 2019

3 mins

We spoke with current Sport Business and Innovation MSc student, Anush, about his experience as a Student Ambassador at Loughborough University London.

Each year we recruit enthusiastic students with a passion for Loughborough University London at the start of each academic year. Our Student Ambassador scheme allows students to work alongside their studies on tasks set within the University. Previous jobs have included helping at events, speaking on panels, and answering prospective student questions on webchats or over the phone. The working hours for the role are designed to be flexible, so you can plan work commitments around your studies.

How did you become a Student Ambassador?

When looking for jobs, the Student Ambassador role looked ideal because it has flexible working hours and allowed me to meet other students on campus. The recruitment process in itself was a welcoming experience, especially the interview, which was a good morale booster at the very start of my studies.

Tell us about your experience as a Student Ambassador

My experience as a Student Ambassador has been enlightening so far. The numerous open-day events have enabled me to interact with a diverse population of prospective students. Similarly, throughout the call campaigns I have interacted with students across the globe and gained an insight into their planning process in the build up to a master’s degree at Loughborough University London.

Furthermore, through this opportunity I have made friends and acquaintances with students outside my own institute, helping me to add to my ever-growing network of people – which is something the University encourages from your very first day. The free food at some of these student ambassador events have been an added bonus, as well as earning a reasonable amount of money for each job worked as a Student Ambassador.

What would be your advice to future Student Ambassadors?

I would encourage future Student Ambassadors to configure Outlook on their phones to get ahead of the curve – there’s a limited number of jobs and many more Student Ambassadors, which means you need to keep checking for job offers. With the job being flexible, jobs are a first come first served basis.

How have you found balancing your studies alongside working as a Student Ambassador?

Even though the Student Ambassador position is a part-time job, it has never felt like a huge task to me. The University understands that students have to navigate a busy schedule throughout the year. Therefore, the Student Ambassador working hours remain flexible to help you plan around lectures and assignments. Additionally, the fact that most jobs are held on campus, ensures you can save on transport costs and time. Furthermore, the Student Ambassador co-ordinators and supervisors are friendly and approachable people who are always willing to help. They are also open to feedback to help improve the Student Ambassador experience.

All-in-all my Student Ambassador experience has been insightful and educational, and I would definitely recommend it to prospective students!

Applications to become a Student Ambassador will open within the first semester for 2019-20 students. Information will be available during Induction Week and online. In the meantime, you can find details on the Student Ambassador role here.

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