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Learn more about the Monday Mentoring Programme

27 January 2021

3 mins

Do you want to learn more about the Monday Mentoring programme? In this blog, current student Maria discusses her experience of the programme so far.

When I started Monday Mentoring in October, I didn’t know what I was expecting from myself, let alone from the sessions. I lacked excitement in my current role and any sense of direction in terms of what my goals were. Lost as I were, my answer to “What are you looking to achieve from the Mentoring Programme?” was plainly: “a friend”. Weeks have gone by and my mentor-slash-now-friend has helped me put my priorities in order and… wait for it… secure my dream job! Now that I got your attention, let me tell you more about Monday Mentoring. And why you should care about it.

What is Monday Mentoring?

Monday Mentoring is a new project initiated by the Future Space team whereby students are allocated to mentoring groups. There are about 2-3 mentees per mentor, who is usually an experienced professional willing to lend a helping hand to lost students like my old self. Mentoring sessions take place every Monday for one hour for six consecutive weeks. The sessions are quite relaxed and we are generally talking about our situation, concerns, and aspirations, while getting to know the people in our groups as well. Considering the social deprivation that we have all suffered from this year, simply talking to someone for one full hour is rewarding in itself.

However, mentoring goes deeper in the sense that we aim to set short- and long-term goals, share experiences and advice that might help others, and it is a great opportunity for mutual learning and development. One thing I particularly enjoyed was being able to see the progress fellow mentees have made throughout the programme. By the end of the six weeks, we all got a much better understanding of what we need to do to achieve our goals and slowly get to that state where we can say ‘I’ve made it!’.

How do you feel the Monday Mentoring programme has benefitted you?

Not only has the programme helped me clear my mind and establish my goals, but it has importantly encouraged me to act on the now, rather than wait for ‘the right moment’. After deciding what my professional dreams were, I immediate took action and, as a result, I managed to get a job offer in a role that makes me very excited. My mentor, Sam Murphy, supported me throughout the application process and he even took time off his day to listen to my final interview presentation. When I finally got the offer, he sounded as excited about it as I was which leads me to believe that it has been a project we worked on together, as a team. I am very grateful to have had Sam by my side not only as a mentor, but as a friend.

Anyway, enough sentimentalisms for now, I do hope that I got you curious about the Monday Mentoring Programme. If so, I urge you to sign up to the second semester intake of mentees. It is entirely free and you can only gain from it.

You can sign up for the Monday Mentoring programme for February 2021 here.

Thank you to Maria for taking the time to write this blog and share her experience of the Monday Mentoring programme.

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