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Five reasons to study design in London

1 February 2016

2 mins

A city with numerous creative opportunities, design is one of the most popular subjects for students in London. The capital is truly alive with inspiration and top talent.

London is famous throughout the world for producing high quality and cutting-edge design graduates including James Dyson and Stella McCartney.

One of the benefits of being in London is being able to interact with professionals and tap into the industry and design labs that are based here – Erik Boehmia, Programme Director, Institute for Design Innovation at Loughborough University London

Taken from Study London’s ‘Best Design Schools‘ guide, here are five reasons to study design in London:

  1. Internationally respected design schools and colleges

Loughborough University London’s Institute for Design Innovation epitomises excellence in research, teaching and enterprise. We offer four design programmes that allow students to engage in globally connected creative projects, gaining skills craved by organisations within the contemporary design industry.

2. Choose from 400 design degrees

London universities offer a wide selection of courses from animation to graphic design and games design.

3. A booming creative industry

London is known as the ‘design capital of the world’ and the creative industry is the city’s second largest sector. There are many opportunities to get a design internship or work placement with the design agencies located here.

4. An international and inspirational city

London is alive with inspiration – the city is full of galleries, museums, buildings, festivals and people from different backgrounds.

5. The best talent

Students can work and study alongside some of London’s 400,000 industry professionals. Our design programmes will equip students with advanced knowledge to enhance their career opportunities in design and branding consultancies, in-house design and marketing departments as designers and design managers.

To find out more about our Institute for Design Innovation and the programmes we offer, visit our website or email our Director, Mikko Koria

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