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What happens at the Collaborative Project Trade Fair?

10 April 2017

3 mins

With the Collaborative Project finished, we asked students to explain different elements of the module. Owen, a Sport Business and Innovation student, has reflected on his experience of the Trade Fair.

The Collaborative Project module ended with the day-long, unique and challenging Trade Fair, where all multi-disciplinary teams were required to display and pitch the findings of their projects to their clients, academic supervisors and the wider student population.

This at first might sound a little daunting, however, it was certainly an experience that I personally will reflect upon within my future professional life. It gave me an insight into so many aspects of working life, all in one day! All student teams were required to prepare 3 key deliverables for the day that we had worked upon for the duration of Semester 1.

  1.  An A0 poster;
  2. A 3-5 minute pitch to our client;
  3. An individually assessed pitch to your academic supervisor.

As you can already see, this was the day where almost over half of our assessments were to be displayed. Therefore, preparation was imperative in order for our team to succeed! Throughout our weekly team meetings our academic supervisor had briefed and coached us on all expectations for the day, and, most importantly, provided some constructive advice on our projects. With this support, and then the support of my team mates, I knew that I was in good shape to perform!

On a personal note, I am a confident public speaker, however, I still have large anxiety prior to important pitches. Therefore, I utilised Imagery and Visualisation techniques to picture myself delivering my pitch with confidence and conviction. In addition, due to strict time limits on our pitch I carefully planned a script and timed myself delivering it: in front of the mirror, to my housemates and even recorded a version on my phone. On the day I listened to the recording several times just to calm myself down and remember my key points. If you want to be successful on this jam-packed day, I honestly recommend this strategy as it aided me to achieve a Distinction!

My team after the pitch

Our group pitch to the client allowed all 4 members of our group to share an in depth understanding of our findings to Emily Hayday, from our client West Ham United Foundation. It was rewarding to physically be able to communicate our hours of hard work to Emily in addition to see her satisfaction of our efforts. After the formal presentation we were then able to speak with Emily to gain her feedback on our pitch and  our efforts throughout the process as a whole, a personal highlight of mine. Since the trade fair I have been in contact with Emily regarding future internships with West Ham!

“It gave me an insight into so many aspects of working life, all in one day!”

The Trade Fair exceeded my expectations as we were able to place ourselves in a professional working environment where our group work would be displayed, but with the support of the surrounding groups helped to raise our performance. We were able to understand other groups’ interpretations of our design brief and celebrate everything we had achieved together. The event was a fitting way to end a rewarding process, and nothing was better than all of us heading to the local pub to have a well-deserved drink! We all were able to celebrate our achievement, share stories and enjoy the friendships made!

Celebrating after the Trade Fair!

To find out more about the Collaborative Project, take a look at our website.

Loughborough University London would like to thank Owen for his time writing this blog.

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