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My experience of the Collaborative Project with the NHS

27 February 2020

4 mins

In this blog, Anterleena, an MSc Design Innovation student, tells us about her experience on the Collaborative Project. The Collaborative Project is a module all of our master’s students undertake as part of their studies. The module includes working on a brief set by a real business or organisation and developing solutions which are then pitched back to the company at the end of the module. Hear Anterleena‘s experience below.

Unlike other universities, Loughborough University London offers one of the most unique modules – the Collaborative Project. It is an unusual blend of theory and practise, which orients students towards being more participatory, reflective and democratic. To add to it, the holistic experience of a team of students partnering with esteemed organisations in the UK is an immense opportunity that soaks you in a plethora of learning. From the perspective of Design Innovation student, I will take you through my entire journey and give you a sneak-peak of what the module has rendered onto me.

To begin with, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to work with NHS as my partner organisation. As a student, it was a blessing in disguise to be able to work with an organisation of such stature and partnering with them to develop a solution for a real-time situation. I would be forever grateful to the University for designing this module and on-boarding big names of the industry. It helped me understand the industry outline in this country and gave a super boost to my resume.

As we embarked on the module, it was a smooth sail as it was formulated methodically and conducted impeccably by Helena Trippee (who was adept at guiding, advising and supporting the class to the best of her ability). In the first session, we were engaged to be part of multiple icebreakers that helped us understand our classmates and eventually formed teams. While being an international student and having the opportunity to work with individuals from four different nationalities within my team, I experienced commendable exchange of knowledge. The true sense of ‘collaboration’ was what I experienced, which improved myself as a designer and has allowed me to become a better version of myself. Along the course of 10 weeks we were given multiple tools, techniques, methodologies to work with – from deciphering the brief to conducting various types of research, from ideation and prototyping to decoding the solution model, the team was guided all the way. It was a designers’ paradise, as we got our hands dirty in conceptualising, strategising, prototyping, testing and a lot more! Additionally, the project course was reviewed weekly by module leaders and members of the NHS. We constantly received constructive feedback and advanced towards developing a solution which was realistic, relatable and executable. With all the hard work and exceptional support from the University, our team was selected to be the winner in the module and paved our path to exhibiting our project at the Collaborative Project Show 2020.  

What connects me most to this module is its unconventional approach towards contemporary, research-centric, reflection-oriented methodology. Not only did it enrich me theoretically but saw light in practise. Apart from working on the project, this module also exposed me to unforeseen situations that helped in development of life skills like, leadership, time management, communication, collaboration and much more. I believe that this journey, increased my sensitivity towards balancing work environment and real-life considerations, and multiplied it manifold. Furthermore, with this knowledge, I envision making a difference in my forthcoming career, thus, elevating the true essence of what I learnt at Loughborough University London.

If you would like to find out more about the Collaborative Project as a prospective student, please click here. If you would like to find out more about the Collaborative Project as a prospective partner, please click here.

Loughborough University London would like to thank Anterleena for her blog.

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