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Introducing our #Workingwith_____ series

3 November 2015

2 mins

#Workingwith____ is a dynamic, new blog series documenting current students’ experiences working with real businesses and organisations as part of the interdisciplinary study module, the Collaborative Project.

gradforumMost students at Loughborough University London are required to take part in the Collaborative Project, which brings together a cross section of students from a wide range of disciplines and pairs them up with an existing business or organisation. Each group is provided with a business problem, which exists as a current concern for their respective client.  The group has the remainder of the module to prepare a solution to the problem and present their thoughts and findings to their client.

“It’s been great to see such impressive companies working with our students, both on campus and across the City on site visits. Students are actively interacting with employees from world-leading companies by asking them questions, making notes and gaining valuable insights into the company they are working with for the duration of the project” Amy Cripps-Mahajan, Senior Support Officer

Over 300 students are currently taking part in the project, and are actively working with a number of high-profile companies, including:









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The module has already sparked a wealth of innovative problem solving ideas for some groups, and fresh, entrepreneurial talent is starting to surface across the campus.

“The company site tours have definitely been a highlight for me. It’s been a pleasure seeing the students become so animated as they discover the company offices or watch demonstrations. There’s a real buzz of excitement across each of the project groups”  Amy Ward, Senior Support Officer

To keep up to date with the latest happenings for each project group, keep a look out for our #Workingwith____  posts, featured weekly on the Loughborough University London blog.

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