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Empowering Minds: My Journey as a #Me Facilitator in Nurturing Mental Well-Being

14 August 2023

6 mins

Written by: Ayush Choudhary

Finding a Safe Space
Imagine a place where you can openly discuss your emotions with peers who truly understand, without judgment or bias. That’s what #Me Meetings offer. When I began my master’s journey abroad, I knew I was stepping into an exciting yet daunting new world. It was like being reborn in a foreign land, ready to learn and adapt. But I soon realized that many of my friends were struggling with unexpected challenges, from housing issues to financial burdens and academic pressures, and I could try and help them overcome these challenges with a positive mindset.

A Sanctuary for Emotional Exploration: #Me Meetings

Me is a lifeline for students seeking to improve their mental health. It’s a community where like-minded individuals come together to share, learn, and grow. Through a 12-week course,participants engage in weekly meetings, guided by trained student facilitators. They explore emotions, identify triggers, and learn coping strategies to foster a positive mindset and healthy habits. It can be visualized as a middle path between chatting with your close friends who may not relate to you and professional help, which can be daunting and inaccessible sometimes.

Abhinav, who is the brand ambassador of #Me for my group, is in the center of the picture, and Stuti, my co-facilitator, is on the left side.

My Role as a Facilitator
It’s natural to feel overwhelmed at times, and that’s perfectly okay. What’s important is finding the support and tools to navigate these complex emotions. This realization led me to volunteer for #Me, driven by a desire to enhance mental well-being and empower others to face life’s ups and downs with resilience and grace. I intend to enable the participants to effectively tackle the challenges in their lives independently. As a facilitator, I became a catalyst for change, encouraging open dialogue, building trust, and reassuring everyone that negative emotions are a normal part of the human experience. My goal is to diminish the stigma around mental health and create lasting positive impacts.

The Meeting Structure
Each meeting was a unique blend of fun icebreakers, for instance: we all wrote a few peculiar pieces of information about ourselves on an anonymous sheet of paper, and then we all took turns matching the pieces of information to the person in the group who could have written it. This was an exciting way to understand everyone in the group. Post the icebreaking tasks, thoughtful discussions, and reflective exercises follow. Whether exploring emotions or practicing breathing exercises, every session was designed to enhance self-awareness and promote well-being.
The picture below is when we engaged in a simple colouring task, a soothing exercise that brought us a moment of peace and tranquillity.

FINDING #ME: An empowering journey of self-discovery and emotional growth

My seven weeks out of the twelve weeks adventure as a facilitator for #Me Meetings was both exhilarating and humbling. From the nervous anticipation of the first session to the eager excitement of each subsequent meeting, I found myself not only guiding others but also learning and growing alongside them.

The Power of Listening: There’s a profound wisdom in simply listening to others. Witnessing the transformation within the group, from hesitant voices to confident expressions, was a source of inspiration. The shared experiences, laughter, breakthroughs, and even the challenges became cherished moments in my week. Facilitating these sessions was more than a responsibility; it was a mirror reflecting my growth and a reminder to nurture my well-being.

The Enigma of Faith: I realized that hope is a powerful force, mysterious yet foolproof. Many people face challenges, and some have beautifully turned those challenges into personal growth. As someone who values a balanced mindset, I want to help others find calm and strength. Over time, I learned the power of listening, and this experience has honed my ability to truly hear others.

Lessons in Sleep and Calm: One session focused on proper sleeping habits, a universal struggle for many of us. We explored techniques like visualizing happy memories or future dreams to induce calm. I applied this method, and it worked wonders. These sessions have shaped me into a more composed person, and the feedback from the group affirmed a positive shift in everyone’s personality.

The Safe Space of #Me: The power of having a safe space to talk about feelings cannot be overstated. It’s a place where gentle guidance allows exploration and discovery of personal solutions. This is the essence of #Me Meetings.

Empathy, Compassion, and Self-Discovery: Facilitating #Me Meetings was a lesson in empathy, compassion, and self-awareness. We delved into understanding anxiety, focusing on what we can control versus what we can’t. This simple exercise helped alleviate anxiety for many of us, channelling our energy in the right direction. The mantra “Do your best and then leave the rest” became a guiding principle.

The Reward of Empowerment: There is no greater joy than being a catalyst for someone’s happiness, peace, and empowerment. Helping others become self-sufficient, resilient, and mentally strong has been an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Lasting Friendships and Impact: The friendships forged, and the joy of seeing my fellow group members thrive will stay with me long after the course has ended. The #Me Meetings were more than a series of sessions; they were a transformative journey that celebrated human connection and personal growth.

You Are Capable of Anything: The Power of #Me
Embarking on the 12-week journey with #Me is like setting sail on a voyage of self-discovery. It equips participants to navigate life’s turbulent seas with confidence and wisdom. Just as a ship only sinks when it lets water in, our thoughts and attitudes shape our reactions and resilience. The power to “fix” our lives, to mend what’s broken, lies within us, waiting to be unleashed.
Consider a scene from the movie “Ironman,” where the ultra-confident protagonist faces an unexpected anxiety attack. A child reminds him that as a mechanic, he has the tools to fix anything, even his own fears. Instead of succumbing to panic, he finds peace in action, a powerful metaphor for our own ability to overcome challenges.
Initiatives like #Me serve as a compass, guiding us to recognize our inner strength and potential. They teach us that no matter how daunting a situation may seem, we are capable of fixing it. All we need to do is believe in ourselves and take purposeful action. Through #Me, we learn to harness our inner “mechanic,” turning obstacles into opportunities and transforming our lives in the process.

A Fulfilling Experience
My journey with #Me can be encapsulated in two powerful words: “fulfilling” and “empowering.” It’s fulfilling because I’ve had the privilege of untangling the knots of tension in people’s lives, guiding them towards clarity and peace. It’s empowering because, in helping others find their strength, I’ve discovered new depths of resilience within myself.
In the end, #Me is more than a program; it’s a testament to the human spirit’s ability to heal, grow, and thrive. It’s a reminder that we are all capable of extraordinary things, and sometimes, all we need is a safe space and a guiding hand to unlock our potential.

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