Logging in

You can access the University‚Äôs online reading list system from a variety of places including Learn, the Library website, bottom of the module specifications or by typing http://lorls.lboro.ac.uk into the address bar of your web browser. To create or edit … Continue reading

Linking to a reading list

By default when you go to the reading list system you will find yourself on either the home page (listing the various academic schools) or to the last location you visited. You can however go directly to a specific location … Continue reading

Who can edit a reading list?

There are three groups of individuals who can edit reading lists: course tutors, (school) support staff and Library staff. You can add or remove people to these group by clicking on the  Group icon (on the toolbar). Select the appropriate … Continue reading

Five time saving tips

We know that working with any system can be time consuming occasionally. Therefore we’ve produced the following list of tips to save time when managing your online reading lists: Tip no. 5: If you have two or more modules that … Continue reading

Creating new modules and reading lists

New modules added to the University systems are automatically added to the reading list system on a weekly basis with a status of hidden. However, there are times when you may need to manually add a new module/reading list to … Continue reading

Changing module details

It is sometime necessary to change the details of a module on the system (e.g. when a new lecturer takes over a course). Please note that this is something only library staff or system administrators can do. Changing module title and … Continue reading

Deleting modules and reading lists

Please note that only library staff or system administrators can delete a module from the system. Before deleting a module or reading list you should always consider whether it still has value, for example: a departing academic may ask for their … Continue reading