Librarian Centre

The Librarian Centre contains various reports and scripts to assist with the ongoing operation and quality checking of the reading list system. Library staff can access the Librarians Centre by first clicking on the  Admin icon on the toolbar (right) … Continue reading

New features

There are a number of new features that will be introduced to the reading list system during the May (2014), these include: Choose where to insert a new item in a list Flag recent additions to lists  Filter and highlight … Continue reading

Book suggestions for potential students

Both the library and academic departments sometimes get inquiries from potential students asking about what books they might find useful  to buy/read if they study at Loughborough. In order to help answer this question a new student reading suggestions script has … Continue reading

Highlighting and filtering

Highlighting You can search for a keyword or phrase on a reading lists and highlight any matches by clicking on the  Highlight icon (top left on toolbar), entering a word or phrase in the popup window that appears and then clicking on … Continue reading

Suspending reading lists

Sometimes you may want to preserve a reading list even if it’s not running. If this is the case it is always best to first hide the list so that it isn’t visible to students. If the academic(s) associated with the … Continue reading

User administration

Updating user details A user’s details (i.e. name and email address) are automatically added to the system when they first log on. However, sometimes their initial account may not hold all the required information or the details may change (e.g. … Continue reading

Inserting items in a list

By default when you add new items to a reading item they are appended to the end of the list. Whilst you can easily re-order items on the list (either using drag-and-drop or the bulk options) this can be problematic … Continue reading