Changing module details

It is sometime necessary to change the details of a module on the system (e.g. when a new lecturer takes over a course).

Please note that this is something only library staff or system administrators can do.

Changing module title and tutor(s)

First navigate to the list of modules (e.g. by school, discipline and stage) and click on the edit Edit icon to the left of the relevant module. A popup window will appear allowing you to change many of the modules details. However, it is recommended that you only change the title and tutor. Click on the Save link (bottom left of popup window) when you’ve finished.

Having changed the details for the module you must now do the same with the reading list. Click on the module and wait for the reading list to load, then click on the breadcrumb trail to go back up one level to be able to edit the list details (as per the module).

Please note: changing the tutor details of the module or reading list is for display purposes only and you will need to amend the groups to give new academics editing rights to a reading list.

Changing the module code

Changing the module code is not recommended as the access rights for the module and associated reading list(s) are tied to this. Instead it is better to create a new module and reading list with the changed module code and then copy the contents of the old reading list to it.