Creating new modules and reading lists

New modules added to the University systems are automatically added to the reading list system on a weekly basis with a status of hidden. However, there are times when you may need to manually add a new module/reading list to the system but always double-check that it doesn’t already exist.

Please note that only system administrators can create modules on the system.

Creating a new module

Having already logged in, browse down through the departments and click on the stage where you want to add the new module. click on the add Add New icon (top-left on toolbar) and select Module from the popup window that appears. Fill in the module code, module name and module tutor(s) in the form that appears and then click on the Save link (bottom-left of window). Other details on the form will be completed by the system when the module becomes active on the corporate systems.

Adding editors

Library staff will be automatically added to the appropriate group to edit this new module but you will need to add academics and any departmental clerical support manually.

Adding a reading list

Finally, whilst still in the module, click on the add Add New icon again and choose Reading list. Another popup window will appear showing the suggested name and tutors for this list (based on those of the module). Click on the Save link to confirm these.

Please note that any new modules are appended to the bottom of the list but you can easily reorder these!