What's the point of reading lists?

Reading lists are an incredibly valuable resource for students on any course of study. This was highlighted in a survey¹ of academic reading undertaken by the Library in 2011 with feedback from students indicating that reading lists helped them “understand what has been gone over in lectures”, that “without them I would struggle” and they “motivate [me] to read”.

Making your reading lists available via the online system allows your students to access them whenever they wish (including via their mobile phone). It is also the most effective method of ensuring the Library has the recommended material available for your students as items on reading lists are given priority (e.g. additional copies) over others.

Additionally the Teaching & Learning Committee requires all modules to have a minimum presence on LEARN, this includes maintaining a current reading list on the online reading list system.

1: BARNETT, Lee, HALBERT, Helen, et al. 2012. Academic reading at Loughborough Universityexploring decision making, choices and influences.