Diary of a Medal Maker – Laura Edgar

The Medal Maker scheme organised by Loughborough University gave me the opportunity to be that little bit closer to the London Olympics of 2012 than just avidly watching the coverage on the BBC. Furthermore it also gave me the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and work with various people.

My first two days as a volunteer were spent down in the Media Centre in Holywell Stadium, escorting t med from there to the Sir Denis Rooke building for their interviews with various members of Team GB. This meant that I was one of the lucky few who got to see a few athletes, including Christine Ohuruogu, and the Team GB wall all of the athletes signed before their interviews, giving me the opportunity to have my photo taken next to it.

My other tasks as a Medal Maker involved me writing small articles for the newsletter on some of the Olympic sports, setting up and looking after the Olympic Clubhouse in the Sir John Beckwith building, and copying the recordings of the Olympics to disk.

One of the highlights of my time as a volunteer was being one of a group of 90 who were given the opportunity to go to Old Trafford to see Spain play Morocco; a game that ended in a dull goalless draw, although that didn’t dampen my day.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Medal Maker volunteering and would like to congratulate every member of Team GB for their phenomenal performances. Furthermore, a huge thank you must go to all the staff that made London 2012 a success.

Me with the board the athletes signed.Laura with the support board

Me with the Olympic Torch

Laura with the Olympic Torch

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Life in a Day of Preparation Camp!

Life in a Day of the Preparation Camp

The Official Preparation Camp Headquarters for Team GB opened for ‘business’ on Monday 18th June.

This first day of Preparation Camp was in fact one of the busiest! The first athletes to pass through the Camp were the rowers.

Since then we have seen (nearly) all 541 athletes selected for Team GB come to Loughborough University to collect their kit, do media interviews and receive gifts from their sponsors.

And a lucky 19 teams even stayed here at Loughborough to train! With Medal Makers supporting them all the way.

We have had VIPs, Governmental, sporting legends and royalty come to visit us at Preparation Camp creating as much of a stir as the athletes themselves!

Team GB have very much felt like part of the family and the ubiquitous red trainers marked the Team GB and BOA staff, athletes and volunteers from miles away. Leaving looks of envy on people’s faces as they passed!

Not as envious as when people saw the Medal makers T-shirts however. The purple T-shirts of the Medal Makers have certainly left their mark and have been a useful tool in identifying Medal Maker volunteers from a distance!

The Medal Makers created quite a stir on the Olympic Torch Relay day when the sea of pink was the closing image of many of the news bulletins on the eve of the 3rd July.

The Camp was dismantled on the 6th August and all those who have been involved in the Preparation Camp are very sad to see Team GB leave campus.

However the Olympic fever continued with the opening of the Beckwith Clubhouse which has screened much of the Games live on its three screens.

All in all there were:

  • 64 days of Preparation Camp;
  • 541 Team GB athletes;
  • 342 Medal Makers
  • 11,642 volunteering hours.

Team GB training

Loughborough University and the Medal Makers were thrilled to be able to support so many of Team GB and their training needs.

All in all there were 19 teams training here; starting with Basketball on the 21st June and finishing on Monday 6th August when the Taekwondo team dismantled the Taekwondo square and left to go to the Olympic Village.

The Medal Makers acted as security of the venues ensuring that no-one without the correct accreditation pass as allowed in (or in the case of the Basketball Players below a certain height!). In addition they supported the teams by getting them what they needed including a brush (and a vacuum cleaner to clean the brush), a sharp knife, ice for ice baths and superglue!

Medal Makers help the Ambition Group

Again the Medal Makers have stepped up to the challenge and done an incredible job supporting the Ambition kitting out process.


The Ambition Programme is looking toward the future athletes that are likely to represent Team GB at Rio in 2016. The programme is looking to getting these future Olympians ready and prepared so that when the time comes they are fully equipped to deal with the stress and strain of an Olympic games – the Kitting Out process, as we are fully aware, is vital to their experience