Medal Makers help the Ambition Group

Again the Medal Makers have stepped up to the challenge and done an incredible job supporting the Ambition kitting out process.


The Ambition Programme is looking toward the future athletes that are likely to represent Team GB at Rio in 2016. The programme is looking to getting these future Olympians ready and prepared so that when the time comes they are fully equipped to deal with the stress and strain of an Olympic games – the Kitting Out process, as we are fully aware, is vital to their experience

Medal Makers Receive Positive Feedback!

The Medal Makers team have received this piece of feedback from one of the sports managers –

‘Just wanted to say how helpful and friendly all the volunteers at the Netball centre appeared today…………. they (the volunteers) will play a key role in ensuring access is limited to the centre and players.’


Indeed, all Medal Makers have been commended for their professional and friendly manner and willingness to stay the distance in order to get things done.

Week Two of Preparation Camp

We are now in our second week of the Preparation Camp and we are starting to see more teams come through the kitting out process; others will stay on campus for training and further preparation.

Some large teams have already come through kitting out, rowing, sailing and cycling to name a few  and it has been fantastic to be a part for their preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Picture of the Team GB Triathletes outside Sir Dennis Rooke.


We are stil looking forward to lots more Olympians to come through Kitting Out . Gymnastics, athletics, football and hockey are just some of the teams yet to enter the Preparation Camp and be kitted out by the Medal Makers based there.

Week one of Preparation Camp has been and gone and what a week it was!

Week one of Preparation Camp has been and gone and what a week it was!

In the first week of Medal Makers volunteering:


  • over 100 Medal Makers volunteers have been deployed around the campus, (not including the volunteers based at Kitting Out where we have another 80 Medal Makers).
  • more than 850 hours of volunteering have been undertaken in just one week!
  • 230 athletes, coaches and support staff have been kitted out. Only about 700 left to go!

Preparation Camp Opens!

The Preparation Camp officially opened on Monday 18th June with most of the Team GB rowing team coming through Sir Denis Rooke to receive their kit from the sponsors and partners.

Medal Makers Amelia Tan and Lucy Kettlewell directing athletes to Sir Dennis Rooke where they will recieve their kit.


In this first week we have seen athletes from Sailing, Triathlon, Track Cycling, Handball and Basketball.

1st week of prep camp

At the end of the first week for Team GB Preparation Camps and what a week it has been. There have been a lot of last minute changes placed on the volunteers but all have ‘gone with the flow’ and risen to the challenge. All the volunteers have been so adaptable to these changes.


The BOA and other partners have been astounded by both the standard and commitment of Medal Makers and have asked that this be fed this back to all of the volunteers.
The first teams have also been training – the Women’s Basketball Team were the first team to start their training programme as part of the Preparation Camp.

Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch Relay came through Loughborough University’s campus on Tuesday 3rd July. Below students and staff from De Lisle College, a Catholic Voluntary Academy, Loughborough , pictured at the new Loughborough University football stadium.


Medal Maker volunteers were on hand to ensure all visitors were safe and had a good time!



Torch Relay RehearsalWelcome to the Medal Makers blog. Over the coming weeks, between now and the end of the Olympics, this blog will be used by the volunteers contributing to Loughborough University’s involvement in the London 2012 Olympic Games. The volunteers, or ‘Medal Makers’, will be recording their own personal impressions and those of the people they come into contact with. The blog will serve as both a living diary during the run-up, and as a permanent archive afterwards.