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5 top tips to get under-5s more active

Did you know 91% of children aged 2-4 years are just not active enough to be healthy? Early years specialists share their top 5 tips to help give children the best start in life.

Facing up to the realities of a Citizen’s Income

Should every UK citizen be paid a basic income? If so, would you be happy to pay more tax? Donald Hirsch, Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP) at Loughborough University shares his view…

The making of a British Muslim fundamentalist

Following media speculation that the new chief executioner for ISIS is also British like his predecessor “Jihadi John”, Dr Lewis Herrington takes a look at the rise of the UK Islamic fundamentalist movement considered an incubator responsible for the growing number of British Muslims migrating to the Islamic State…