Research data management planning

Many research funders now require a data management plan (DMP) to be submitted in a grant proposal. Such plans set out how data will be handled during a project and how it will be shared with others. They are an invaluable tool to guide data management and should be amended as necessary as a project progresses.

There is a wealth of information and support about funder requirements and what to include in a DMP, as well as sample plans and tools to guide you through the process of creating your own DMP.

RDM case study

Thanks to Professor Rob Wilby, we have our first research data management case study. Rob talks about his research into Flood indices for Britain (1881-2011) and reasons for making the data public. These include benefits to the public, improving dissemination and uptake of research, and improved visibility which can lead to greater citation.

Rob’s case study is available via the university Library’s Research Support web pages. We aim to offer further case studies on different aspects of research data management in the coming months.