Thought I’d flag up an alternative to

Now, my apologies if you already know about this, but it was new to me. ResearchGate comes with the strapline, “ResearchGate was built for scientists, by scientists, with the idea that science can do more when it’s driven by collaboration.”

It’s a social networking platform for scientists, allowing you to collaborate and interact with colleagues across the globe in a wide variety of subject areas, and find and read research output. There’s even a jobs page. It’s also quite easy to set up an account, as it’ll trawl the net for your publications, allowing you to confirm which are and aren’t yours. I’d be interested to hear what you think about it’s impact ratings, however…

Given that there are 424 colleagues from Loughborough already registered with ResearchGate, not forgetting the 2+million worldwide from 193 countries, it looks like it’s another party I’m late to…

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