Five things the UK General Election can teach us about Black Friday deals

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Politics and economics have much in common. For a couple of centuries these weighty subjects taught in many a fine University were and, in recent decades, are recognised as a single taught subject – Political Economy – but also share similarities in modelling human interaction and achievements. This a perfect time to highlight the similaritiesRead more

A tale of two tails: Cross credit ratings and cash holdings

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Market participants in the money markets are aware that credit rating agencies (CRAs) provide frequently independent credit rating evaluations, i.e., a measure of long-term fundamental credit strength of issuers based on both public and private information, which issuers agree to share with CRAs. For many years, the information content of CRAs has drawn a lotRead more

Partner industry specialisation and audit pricing in the UK

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Accounting firms are generally organised as partnerships, and this provides them with a structure that allows optimal delegation of the decision rights to the partner level where relevant specific knowledge is located. Partners play the central role in planning and administering the external audit service provided to the client and are accountable for the finalRead more

Ethical gift giving: Why it’s important and how to do it

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Many of us used the new year as an opportunity to make positive changes in our life, setting resolutions throughout January to eat more healthily, exercise more or do something new. It may come as no surprise then, given the continuous climate warnings by scientists, that numerous individuals will also have set goals that encourageRead more

The Big 4 fee premium for industry specialization in the UK

This Blog post was written by Dr Khairul Ayuni Mohd Kharuddin. The relationship between the audit fee premium/discount and industry specialisation is an interesting and controversial research area globally. Research studies concerning this area have mainly examined the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand audit markets. Auditor industry specialisation is recognised as aRead more

Keith Pond: Lecture delivery in the digital era

When I started lecturing 30 years ago my “training” suggested that the lecture was “the art of the effective explanation”. I liked that – even if, as an inexperienced academic, I really needed someone to effectively explain many of the concepts I was lecturing to me!! The media I used was the pre-handwritten “acetate”, positionedRead more

Alper Kara: Do ethnic minorities face financial exclusion?

Dr Alper Kara has written a Blog post for The Conversation about his research into financial exclusion for ethnic minorities. He writes: “Access to financial services and credit is generally regarded as a necessity to lead a normal life. Whether it is basic bank and saving accounts, a mortgage to buy a house or loanRead more