Blessing in disguise: was COVID-19 a turning point for the high street?

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Few months ago, people were shopping in the high street, going into the stores to browse for their items. What used to be a normal shopping trip suddenly became a luxury! In March, COVID-19 turned into a pandemic, leaving governments with a single option: Lockdown. This decision couldn’t get any worse for high street retailersRead more

Exploring the Roles of Telemedicine and Telehealth in Managing COVID-19

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The current COVID-19 crisis is a disruptive event that raises important questions regarding healthcare responsiveness during untenable events. Centre for Service Management (CSM) former PhD representative, SBE alumnus and CSM affiliate member, Dr Higor Leite, from Federal University of Technology Paraná in Brazil invited us to join him to investigate the impact of telemedicine andRead more

Building engaging online communities

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Dr Sahar Mousavi’s academic research on online communities has recently been the focus of a blog post she co-authored for about the importance of considering both active and non-interactive members in managing successful engagement communities. “Online communities are becoming more commonplace,” Dr Mousavi explains, “and understanding how different members behave and prefer to interactRead more

The risks and rewards of collaborating with competitors

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by Dr James M Crick What is coopetition? It is not uncommon for small businesses to struggle to compete within their markets, as they often possess an insufficient volume of resources and capabilities. With ever-changing customer preferences, fierce competition, and technological developments, one must ask the question – how can small entities survive and growRead more

Customer experience – The impact beyond service provider

This Blog post was written by Majd AbedRabbo. Let me begin by asking you a simple question: would you rather have bought a lower quality shirt from a lovely salesperson or a higher quality shirt from a rude one? Most of you would have probably chosen the former due to the positive experience you had.Read more

Women’s income generation through mobile internet

This Blog post was written by Dr Silvia Masiero. The link between the diffusion of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and women’s empowerment, with particular reference to developing country contexts, is being leveraged in the formulation of global development policies. The World Development Report 2016 states that ICTs allow women to participate more easily inRead more

Rosamund Chester Buxton: Exploring the concept of an operating model

The concept of an operating model has come to the fore in operations management research in the last five years. Much of the available material about operating model is published by consultancies and there has been little academic focus on the definition of an operating model. In the recently published paper, Operating Model: An ExplorationRead more

Silvia Masiero: What digital technologies mean for India’s largest anti-poverty programme

According to the UN’s New Sustainable Development Agenda, state-level anti-poverty programmes are a core building block of global strategies for poverty alleviation. The notion of anti-poverty programmes encompasses all the schemes protecting the poor and vulnerable from food insecurity, lack of sustainable livelihoods, and all the problems that income poverty entails. These programmes take differentRead more

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