Global Sourcing Workshop: 10th anniversary recap

I reckon that most information systems outsourcing researchers have by now heard about our Workshop, but 11 years ago when we have started, who would have believed that we would make it to the 10th anniversary? We have had our first global sourcing workshop in 2007 in Val d’Isere, France, so it made perfect symbolicRead more

Schmooze or dictate expected outcomes?

The lawn needs mowing and you are weighing your options. You can ask a member of the family to mow the lawn. In return you are willing to pay £10. The other option is to hire a gardener and pay a similar amount. The performance for these two can be similar, so you wonder whatRead more

Organisational design: The role and form of a centre of excellence

The term Centre of Excellence (CoE) is becoming a popular way of focusing attention on problem solving in many organisations, but what exactly is a CoE? Does it add value, or simply create tensions between ‘elite’ and other workers? Perhaps more cynically, is it just another ‘excellence’ fad?  MBA graduate Kerrine Bryan and SBE staffRead more

Shared service centres: Looking eastwards

There are a number of elements that are to be considered when a shared service centre is moved or set up offshore.  A common misperception is that offshored shared services are all about wage arbitrage, economies of scale and transactional services. However, the reality is that these centres are not just handling the mundane process-basedRead more

Rural sourcing in India

Outsourcing to India has long conjured up images of the gleaming city campuses of its business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, rather than modest centres along the dusty roads of the country’s rural hinterlands. But that could be set to change. As the term suggests, rural sourcing is the emerging practice of outsourcing information technology-enabled businessRead more

Can you pitch the UK as an attractive outsourcing location?

Think outsourcing. Now think location. You are probably thinking India, China or perhaps Central Eastern Europe. Think again. I have recently studied the attractiveness of the UK (with M.N. Ravishankar and my PhD student Kayode Ejodame) as part of a UK Trade and Investment project by the Centre for Global Sourcing and Services (CGSS). OurRead more