Neha Puntambekar: Exploring the efficiency of a UK ambulance service through discrete event simulation

For my summer project on the MSc Business Analytics Consulting programme, I completed a consulting project with the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) looking at how the organisation could increase their effectiveness and reduce inappropriate attendances at A&E departments. The ambulance service has increasingly become a ‘default’ service to the public. People are more likelyRead more

Alberto Franco: Evidence-based decision making in response to biosecurity threats

This Blog post was written by Katherine Macinnes for the open-access research e-newsletter International Innovation, about research by Professors Alberto Franco and Gilberto Montibeller in the SBE. Policies implemented in response to emerging biosecurity threats should be highly adaptive. Loughborough University researchers are looking to improve the frameworks underlying threat prioritisation, so that policy makersRead more