Tablets can enhance the lecture capture staff-student experience

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A cross-departmental and schools team from the School of Science and School of Business and Economics received a Teaching Innovation Award (TIA) to investigate how the use of lecture capture can be improved. Lecture capture is very useful to students to review information or to catch up on a session that they may have missed. Read more

David Roberts: The power of images in teaching dyslexic students

INTRODUCTION It should come as no surprise that the number of dyslexic students entering Higher Education (HE) has increased in line with the widening participation agenda that has accompanied neoliberal hegemonic domination of academic praxis.  That number has risen dramatically over the last two decades, from approximately 2,000 in 1994 to more than 20,000 inRead more

Keith Pond: Lecture delivery in the digital era

When I started lecturing 30 years ago my “training” suggested that the lecture was “the art of the effective explanation”. I liked that – even if, as an inexperienced academic, I really needed someone to effectively explain many of the concepts I was lecturing to me!! The media I used was the pre-handwritten “acetate”, positionedRead more