Can you pitch the UK as an attractive outsourcing location?

Think outsourcing. Now think location. You are probably thinking India, China or perhaps Central Eastern Europe. Think again. I have recently studied the attractiveness of the UK (with M.N. Ravishankar and my PhD student Kayode Ejodame) as part of a UK Trade and Investment project by the Centre for Global Sourcing and Services (CGSS). OurRead more

Conceptual modelling

I was recently contacted by a US organisation, which for reasons of confidentiality will remain nameless, thanking me for helping them with a problem that they have been trying to address for years.  It was obviously very pleasing to receive such thanks, but it also came as a total surprise.  I knew nothing of thisRead more

Living in the digital world

When embarking on the inaugural blog for the newly created Centre for Information Management (launched 1st August 2013), I wanted to reflect on how the digital age plays a pivotal role in our lives as we hurtle along the digital highway. I also wanted to reflect on how it compares to preceding decades and whatRead more

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