What is it about Artificial Intelligence and Humanity…?

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At Loughborough University’s Centre for Information Management, we have been asking, “What is it about humanity that we can’t give away to intelligent machines?” What we mean by this is to ask what might we give and what is it that we must not give. What authority given to intelligent machines is conducive to ourRead more

Why is Tesla selling insurance and what does it mean for drivers?

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In his new blog post for The Conversation, Dr Alex Zarifis considers Tesla selling car insurance and how it is going to have a major impact on most of our lives. “At the same time, insurance is a barrier to many innovations that Tesla is targeting for the future. With the insurance taken care of,Read more

The human report in the age of artificial intelligence

This Blog post was written by Professor Peter Kawalek. Sometimes I say to the students, ‘…it is like Rome. It is like Rome. Silicon Valley is like Rome. We live in its wake, somewhere north of it, part of it but not really at the centre. And it is the era of Antoninus Pius orRead more

Who will win the battle of the workplace – robots or humans?

This Blog post was written by Dr Crispin Coombs. This question has prompted considerable debate in the popular media and prompted the CIPD to commission research by Donald Hislop, Crispin Coombs, Stanimira Taneva and Sarah Barnard at Loughborough University School of Business and Economics to find out what current research says. Our findings show thereRead more

Peter Kawalek: 20 years in tech

I was a PhD student in Manchester when a robotics lab was opened in the Department of Computer Science. It was 1997, or thereabouts. The robot itself was not as impressive as I had anticipated. It looked like an upturned waste-paper basket with wheels. Its task was to learn to navigate through the department’s firstRead more