Changing the culture of banking

This Blog post was written by Professor David T Llewellyn.   The focus of this blog post is on the issue of culture in banking.  The scandals surrounding British banking in recent years are well known: the banking crisis, several examples of banks mis-selling financial products to vulnerable consumers, attempts to rig LIBOR and manipulateRead more

Alper Kara: Do ethnic minorities face financial exclusion?

Dr Alper Kara has written a Blog post for The Conversation about his research into financial exclusion for ethnic minorities. He writes: “Access to financial services and credit is generally regarded as a necessity to lead a normal life. Whether it is basic bank and saving accounts, a mortgage to buy a house or loanRead more

Are bankers now drinking in the ‘last-chance saloon’?

Last week the London-based think tank ResPublica published a report (of which I am a co-author) under the title Virtuous Banking. Our central focus was on the interests of consumers in two main respects: how banks treat and deal with their customers (and in particular do they treat customers fairly?) and the lack of truly effectiveRead more

Inflated pay for bankers: A problem with IT?

Why do some bankers get paid so much more than others with similar levels of expertise in other professions, e.g.: engineering, information technology, journalism? There are two main answers: technology and technology. listen to ‘Alistair Milne blog’ on Audioboo // Asset management and investment banking (unlike, for example, the retailing industries (books, CDs, clothing) or hotels, travel and tourismRead more