Ethical gift giving: Why it’s important and how to do it

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Many of us used the new year as an opportunity to make positive changes in our life, setting resolutions throughout January to eat more healthily, exercise more or do something new. It may come as no surprise then, given the continuous climate warnings by scientists, that numerous individuals will also have set goals that encourageRead more

Customer experience – The impact beyond service provider

This Blog post was written by Majd AbedRabbo. Let me begin by asking you a simple question: would you rather have bought a lower quality shirt from a lovely salesperson or a higher quality shirt from a rude one? Most of you would have probably chosen the former due to the positive experience you had.Read more

PCPs and customer service

Over the past few months we have been conducting some research into the relationship between sports fans and their respective teams.  Much has been written on the subject referring to the passion and feeling that exists between the supporter and the club.  It was however slightly sad to listen to the England supporters chanting ‘IRead more