The two sides of Black Friday

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2020 will go down in history as the ‘push me-pull you’ year with broad well-being of the economy at loggerheads with the well-being of its people. On-off and stop-go, many UK businesses such as pubs, sports institutions, hairdressers and beauty salons as well as consumers have been confused, frustrated and intimidated by this up andRead more

Blessing in disguise: was COVID-19 a turning point for the high street?

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Few months ago, people were shopping in the high street, going into the stores to browse for their items. What used to be a normal shopping trip suddenly became a luxury! In March, COVID-19 turned into a pandemic, leaving governments with a single option: Lockdown. This decision couldn’t get any worse for high street retailersRead more

Customer experience – The impact beyond service provider

This Blog post was written by Majd AbedRabbo. Let me begin by asking you a simple question: would you rather have bought a lower quality shirt from a lovely salesperson or a higher quality shirt from a rude one? Most of you would have probably chosen the former due to the positive experience you had.Read more