The two sides of Black Friday

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2020 will go down in history as the ‘push me-pull you’ year with broad well-being of the economy at loggerheads with the well-being of its people. On-off and stop-go, many UK businesses such as pubs, sports institutions, hairdressers and beauty salons as well as consumers have been confused, frustrated and intimidated by this up andRead more

Road transport – what’s gone wrong?

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Almost all goods are transported by road. Food, clothes, cars, electronics whether imported via ship/air or home produced, they must eventually hit the road before their final destination – your home. Our road network and transport hubs can be thought of as a vast machine of critical importance to trade and growth in the UK.Read more

Five things the UK General Election can teach us about Black Friday deals

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Politics and economics have much in common. For a couple of centuries these weighty subjects taught in many a fine University were and, in recent decades, are recognised as a single taught subject – Political Economy – but also share similarities in modelling human interaction and achievements. This a perfect time to highlight the similaritiesRead more

Does ASDA’s blocked merger with Sainsbury’s make sense?

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has put the brakes on ASDA and Sainsbury’s becoming the dominant force in supermarket retail. Dr Jon Seaton examines whether the argument against the deal is justified? A lot has been happening in retail recently, writes Dr Seaton, but consumers were understandably shocked by the decision of UK regulators inRead more

Economic insights into the upcoming Royal Wedding

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This Blog post, written by Dr Jon Seaton, can be read in full on The Conversation’s blog site. “The cost Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials on May 19 2018 has been estimated at £32m by one wedding planning company. The cost to the public, however, will be far less than his brother William’s marriage to CatherineRead more

Randall M Wigle: A ‘quick’ British-American trade deal? Not a chance

This Blog post was published in The Conversation on 22nd November 2017 – written by SBE’s Visiting Professor of Economics Randall Wigle from Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada Being a Canadian sabbatical visitor in the United Kingdom this year has allowed me to witness Brexit politics at close hand. As an economist, I’ve found it fascinating.Read more

Dr Huw Edwards on the ‘Economists for Free Trade’ report

Economists for Free Trade: Extraordinary Claims Demand Extraordinary Evidence, but they have provided none. In discussing the ‘Economists for Free Trade’ (EFT) ‘report’, I am unfortunately unable to comment upon the numerical and modelling work in any depth, since no technical documents have, to date, been released. (The absence of serious data, model details orRead more

David T Llewellyn: 10 myths in the Brexit debate

On June 23rd the British electorate will make one of the most momentous decisions to face the UK in several generations: whether or not to formally leave the EU (BREXIT). It will have momentous implications in several areas: the growth potential of the economy; trade relationships and volumes; foreign direct investment in the economy; theRead more