Silvia Masiero: What digital technologies mean for India’s largest anti-poverty programme

According to the UN’s New Sustainable Development Agenda, state-level anti-poverty programmes are a core building block of global strategies for poverty alleviation. The notion of anti-poverty programmes encompasses all the schemes protecting the poor and vulnerable from food insecurity, lack of sustainable livelihoods, and all the problems that income poverty entails. These programmes take differentRead more

Global Sourcing Workshop: 10th anniversary recap

I reckon that most information systems outsourcing researchers have by now heard about our Workshop, but 11 years ago when we have started, who would have believed that we would make it to the 10th anniversary? We have had our first global sourcing workshop in 2007 in Val d’Isere, France, so it made perfect symbolicRead more

Safety critical systems: A question of judgement

We rely on many systems every day that can be lethal in the wrong hands, or deadly due to a fault or a poorly designed component. These systems, such as a car, or a plane, or train are often called safety critical systems.  But how do you know if the car you are driving, theRead more

Digital revolution – Some research questions

After the industrial revolution, humans have relied more upon machines when performing their daily activities. New mechanical, electrical and technical systems have been developed, and human life is now inextricably linked with these systems. This caused a shift in human life, the way of thinking about human welfare, doing business and producing goods have dramaticallyRead more