Clive Trusson: The Oliver Twins on the management of creative professionals

When it comes to managing creative IT professionals, the Oliver Twins can teach us all a thing or two. As pioneers of the UK computer games industry and founders of ‘Radiant Worlds’, a thriving British games development company, Philip and Andrew Oliver have three decades’ experience of working with and managing games programmers and otherRead more

Inflated pay for bankers: A problem with IT?

Why do some bankers get paid so much more than others with similar levels of expertise in other professions, e.g.: engineering, information technology, journalism? There are two main answers: technology and technology. listen to ‘Alistair Milne blog’ on Audioboo // Asset management and investment banking (unlike, for example, the retailing industries (books, CDs, clothing) or hotels, travel and tourismRead more

Out with the old and in with the new

This week I have been preparing for a new course I have to teach – research of course goes out of the window at this point! I’ve been doing this on a regular basis since, I don’t know when, but many years. You would think I might just take this in my stride and thatRead more

Disillusioned with Big Data technologies? – DON’T PANIC!

Late last month, Gartner announced that Big Data had met the trough of disillusionment. This is the third phase in Gartner’s hype cycle and indicates the moment when everyone pauses for breath and starts to look rather more critically at what Big Data technologies are actually delivering to their business. InformationWeek report that cloud computingRead more