Customer experience – The impact beyond service provider

This Blog post was written by Majd AbedRabbo. Let me begin by asking you a simple question: would you rather have bought a lower quality shirt from a lovely salesperson or a higher quality shirt from a rude one? Most of you would have probably chosen the former due to the positive experience you had.Read more

Why micro-management and monitoring of staff is bad for business

More than 100 years ago, F.W. Taylor introduced the concept of ‘scientific management’. He believed that in the same way there was a best machine for each job, so there was also a best working method by which people should undertake their roles. Taylor, an American mechanical engineer, suggested the “awkward, inefficient or ill-directed movementsRead more

Valuing what you measure VS measuring what you value

This post is from the latest column of Professor Saker’s in AM Online In the 1890s, the famous Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov was studying salivation in dogs as a response to being fed and noticed that the animals started to salivate when he entered the room even when he had no food. One of hisRead more