Rosamund Chester Buxton: Exploring the concept of an operating model

The concept of an operating model has come to the fore in operations management research in the last five years. Much of the available material about operating model is published by consultancies and there has been little academic focus on the definition of an operating model. In the recently published paper, Operating Model: An ExplorationRead more

How to be a great researcher!

Over recent months I have had some opportunities to speak on how to develop a research career.  Indeed, I presented on this topic recently at the Centre for Information Management’s conference; yesterday, January 12th, to be precise.  So for this blog post I thought I would outline some of the key messages from these talks.Read more

2014: A year for ‘Research that Matters’

It is without doubt that information technology is at the heart of the profound change all around us. Social media itself is majorly impacting on the way we live our lives and manage our careers, and we are all having to become digital natives, whether or not we wish to. The establishment of the CentreRead more

Conceptual modelling

I was recently contacted by a US organisation, which for reasons of confidentiality will remain nameless, thanking me for helping them with a problem that they have been trying to address for years.  It was obviously very pleasing to receive such thanks, but it also came as a total surprise.  I knew nothing of thisRead more