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Goose Fair

October blog

Hey guys! I hope all the freshers are settling in well to Loughborough life. The first few weeks can pass in a bit of a blur and I’ve had a pretty hectic first week as well.

Coping with change

I am writing this today after having just moved into London. Tomorrow I start my internship at Heathrow. By the time you read this, my views on London and where I am living will have probably changed, in fact my week will probably end up very different to how I imagined.

Lough Mudder

When moving into Loughborough, a lot of students find that the first friends they make – whether in their flat, block or halls – remain amongst their closest throughout their time here. That certainly rings true for me

Moving out and moving on

As usual, I hope you are doing well! For those of you who are currently in university, especially at Loughborough, I am so thrilled and excited to see what you all are up to over the last few weeks.

The Reality Card

So it’s my third month in Australia, and I’m posting pictures of many different beach trips, with my mum like ‘Gem where’s the photos of you in your lectures?’.