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How Not to Use A Milling Machine (March 2/2)

Hello and welcome to the second half of my March blog! Last time we flew through space (metaphorically), got chilly with the fountain and became accessory to murder, great(!). This time, we’re going on an adventure into the world of human testing, butterfly catching Lacrosse, and the life of a mechanical engineer… Mechanical Engi-meme-ing You […]

Two Conferences and a MURDER (March 1/2)

EVERYTHING HAPPENED. LITERALLY. I’m pushing my luck with the word count this month and I’ve split this into a two-parter, so let’s get started. Are you strapped in? Good…

A day in the life of a PhD student

Hello again! Now that the weather is warming up a bit outside, I wanted to take you through a somewhat typical day in the life of a doctoral student at Loughborough University.

Surviving the ‘Beast from the East’

If you’re an international student who was raised in warm weather, or if you are naturally drawn to sunnier weather, then this is the post for you.

Library support

Having just come out of the dreaded exam/essay month, I can truly say I feel exhausted.

Returning to reality!

Returning from any holiday to a “normal” schedule, whether it is work or classes, always feels like wearing new shoes: until they are broken in properly, they are uncomfortable if worn too long.

An unforgettable Loughborough winter

Hi everyone! I’m Alice, a new blogger for Loughborough University and I’m in my first year studying Industrial Design & Technology and I also have a love for languages.