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Christmas spirit away from home: Having a bau-ble!

4 December 2019

5 mins

The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

As the end of term is just around the corner, University students might struggle with getting into the Christmas spirit away from home! First years face their first Winter away from home whilst final years face their last Loughborough Christmas! Hence, as a wise old final year, I will bestow upon you my advice for getting into full Christmas mode!

Step into Christmas! 

It’s always weird to know that your family are spending time together whilst you’re at Uni, especially during the festive season! The audacity of them to put up decorations and get the Christmas movies on without you! Therefore, us students must out-do them in Christmas spirit! I recommend getting an HDMI cable and putting on some good old Christmas movies. My housemates love the Nativity and sing their hearts out to SPARKLE AND SHINE even outside of the Christmas season! Fully immersing yourself into the Christmas spirit really helps to not only distract from missing your loved ones but looking forward to your reunion! So, shout ‘things are really cool in Nazareth!’ so loudly that neighbours join in your festivities!   

You can even bring your house together as its own little family through activities like this whether you’re doing Christmassy colouring or baking!  

Snowman brownies are a classic festive treat!

All I want for Christmas is more fairy lights… 

Whilst the Christmas spirit is in the air, fill the rooms with some decoration! My house opted for elf on the shelf! Hiding them around the house everyday becomes a fun game for everyone! Classic student fairy lights and paper snowflakes are also a cost-efficient way of creating some festive cheer and visually representing Christmas! Even making your own decorations adds to the festivities. Expensive Christmas wreath at home, who?

A small length of fairy lights go a long way
Those pesky elves seem to crop up everywhere!

‘Santa Baby, a megabus to London too, bright blue!’  

If you’re struggling with homesickness, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to! Buy your ticket home! Or perhaps get a cheap advent calendar to reward yourself with every day you make it through deadlines until home! Time will truly fly by if you keep busy! 

‘Fairytale of Nottingham’

Whilst youre buying your home transport ticket, consider visiting the local Christmas fairs, such as the one in Nottingham! Loughborough is of course situated near the two large cities of Nottingham and Leicester, making it so easy to have a city Christmas day of present shopping, Winter Wonderland fun, outdoor ice skating, and even a light switch on!

The Winter Wonderland Nottingham Christmas market is free to enter and boasts over 70 traditional, Bavarian-style stalls to make finding the perfect gift easy
The Loughborough Christmas lights transform the town centre after dark

‘Loughborough Christmas, I give you my heart!’ 

Loughborough is one of the best Unis and has one of the best Unions in the country so make sure to always look up different events and pop along to those at the Union or town! Whether this be your Hall/Society’s Winter Ball or through the Union with events such as, the Bier Keller, Winter Holidays Around the World (4th December), LSU Classical’s ‘A Christmas Festival’ (11th December), the Winter Showcases (2nd & 6th, December), the University Choir Christmas Concert (4th December) or Stage Society’s Kiss Me Kate (6th 7th December). Even venturing into Town and seeing the local pantomime this year of Jack and the Beanstalk at the town hall (23rd November 2019-5th January 2020). Sometimes doing enjoyable things with your friends can get you into that lovable festive mood! 

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Uni Christmas!’ 

One thing I have done every year at University which is an absolute MUST for feeling Christmassy, is choosing a day near the end of term for your Uni Christmas Day! This day will involve a Christmas dinner and secret santa gift exchange! Since we’re students, each putting in £10 for some crackers, food and a small joke present really makes for a lovely day! Last year I got a very stylish Barbie doll and make your own perfume set , channelling my inner five year oldCooking together as housemates and exchanging gifts was one of my highlights of second year! 

To end on a punny note. I promise, your Uni Christmas will be an advent-ure! Yule have a crack(er)ing time with friends as long as you support elf-rybodyStay present whilst at Uni and enjoy everything whilst you tinstill can! Don’t fir-get, you’ll be home soon and missing Uni in snow time! 

Caroline x 

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