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Five reasons to join a committee and get involved

19 October 2017

3 mins

Towards the end of first year, I was approached by a few friends who had applied for the Yoga Society Committee. They asked if I wanted to be Media Rep, and being a fellow lover of Yoga and interested in designing and creating the media aspect, it was a bit of a no brainer! Now after the madness of the Societies Bazaar, we are ready for a new year meeting new friends and enjoying the Society to its fullest. So without further ado, here are a few reasons why being on a committee is a must!

  1. Boost CV – Professionally, being involved in a society looks great on your CV. It shows you have good time management skills (because they are seriously tested!) and interests in other areas other than that which you are studying. Being the media representative for Yoga society has also boosted my portfolio with my designs featuring on my website. There are many roles within a committee: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary etc., find the one that suits your skills the most and build on your employability.
  2. Meeting new people- Although I knew a few people on the committee, being involved has created opportunities to make friends with other committee members and (hopefully) those who join! We are planning many socials throughout the year, which Yoga has recently introduced, and I am excited to meet like-minded people!
  3. Enjoying the Society- Being on Committee is ensuring I use the society to its fullest, going on all the trips and being fully integrated in all the society has to offer. With Yoga, comes its many health benefits and being on committee will encourage me to go to as many sessions as I can fit in.
  4. Events- The Activities Bazaar is an event not to be missed across campus. Although it took me about half an hour to find our stall without my glasses on (forgot there was quite a lot…) it was great seeing my posters and leaflets being reacted to so positively. The amount of interest we had was incredible and not to mention how fun it was doing an event with friends.
  5. The feedback- Having put a lot of effort into the re-branding of the society during the summer holidays, it was amazing to get such positive feedback during events and social media. We got such an overwhelming amount of people interested and it was so lovely to see such great responses to all the hard work we put in.

All considering, it should be a great year! I am so looking forward to spending time with the committee and members creating the best year for the Yoga Society. Find us here on the LSU Website and here on our Facebook page for updates. Ultimately, joining a committee was one of the most unpredictable and best things I did this year. It comes very highly recommended!

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