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Adult life vs student life

20 September 2016

5 mins

It’s baffling to me how quickly these months fly by; the fact that we are already in September is just crazy but Autumn marks a very exciting beginning for a lot of you out there……UNI!

I remember the week before Luff started; I was frantically packing, making lists of the gazillion and one things I thought I needed and trying to find every piece of fancy dress item I had ever owned ready for Freshers. Of course everyone is different, you might be an over packer like me or very minimalist and sticking to the 1 cup, 1 plate, 1 towel set but I thought I would let you in on my short and sweet start of university essentials.


  1. A doorstop. This truly is the best way to socialise with your new flatmates – by keeping your door open. It shows that you actually want people to come and say hi and you’re more than happy to have a chat. I did it and I was so glad I did– I immediately met one of my now best friends because she lived across from me and did the exact same thing.
  2. I printed off so many photos I am pretty sure I could have covered an entire room with them. I love looking at photos and I think they make a room seem so much homier. Most university rooms will have a notice board of some kind to pin photos to and I would definitely recommend it! Not only is it great if you feel a bit homesick but a good talking point as well! Even now in my student house, I make an entire photo wall and it is one of my favourite things I have in there.
  3. A game. Cards Against Humanity, Articulate, Monopoly, taking a game that you can all play on a Saturday when you’re severely hungover after last night’s FND is a great thing to have at uni. Again it gives you a chance to get to know your fellow flatmates and if you’re brave enough, turn it into a drinking game to really up the ante!


Of course there are the obvious essentials: duvets, kitchenware, a towel etc. but I don’t need to tell you about those. My tips are just little random ideas that I had which I think are great to help to ease you into university and make it an incredible experience.

The journey from home to university on move in day can be a daunting one but my biggest tip would be just try to remain excited and kind of push the nerves out of the way. My mum and I just chatted about everything that was planned for the week ahead and Freshers to keep me from getting too nervous. University is truly one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have and you should try to enjoy every single second. Yes it is scary and it’s easy to just say “Oh you’ll be fine,” but I promise you, scary turns into amazing real fast. The fact I only have one official year left of my degree makes me want to cry a little bit – thank god for my placement year! Two more years in the Luff bubble!


Speaking of placement, it is going really well. I know it is probably a bit early for most of you reading this but if you have an inkling that you would like to do a placement – go for it! Not only is it invaluable experience but also it gives you a taste of actual adult life. I come home and am in bed by 10 now, not sure what has happened to my student ways of being up until 4am but I guess it all comes with the territory. However work hard, play harder is my motto. As soon as everyone is back in the Luff bubble I will be at those FND’s dancing the night away and essentially sleeping all Saturday!

This month has been full steam ahead for me. Work has been very busy; I moved into my uni house with my one of my best friends and had a couple of weekends away. I went to Notting Hill carnival with my family and then FriendsFest on the bank holiday. This was an event held in Hackney and essentially they recreated some of the iconic Friends sets. Friends is my all time favourite show and so my inner Friends fan girl was losing her mind a little bit! And now with September in full force I am looking forward to everything that life has in store, including my 21st birthday at the end of October!!


But I wish you all a massive good luck with the start of your university journeys and I promise you’re in for a great ride!

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