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Balancing your time at University

19 March 2019

3 mins

When thinking of what to write for this blog, I thought about everything I’ve been juggling recently.

I’ve been in a play, had family visit, had coursework due in and an interview for a placement I really want! Struggling to balance all of this has been a challenge, particularly since I want to receive the best results for each of these. Don’t we all?

So, I have put together some tips and tricks for balancing your time at University and any impending exams and coursework that you may have!

Offload your pressures

There’s no need to worry about things which aren’t a priority right now. If you have a piece of work in for tomorrow but have an interview in a week, your focus should remain on the coursework until it is done.

Although easier said than done, the University has many services to help accomplish this such as 24-hour computer rooms. If you don’t sleep like me, you can work to whatever hours suit you!

Getting involved whilst keeping those grades up!

Sometimes at University, it can feel like there’s too much on offer! Societies, Sports, RAG, Action! You may want to do it all! But University really teaches you to be an independent worker.

Try to equalise your time between, for example, two hours of secondary reading with two hours of fun- this will also help organise you! I rewarded myself for completing an annotated bibliography by watching Towers Hall VS Butler Court IMS Volleyball!

Make the most out of every hour

When working to a deadline, every break feels amazing but can blend into procrastination. My advice would be to have a productive break!

Clean your room for a more organised study space when your head feels messy due to all the tabs open on your computer.

One of my favourite ways to have a break is to walk to the library from my house, taking the scenic route. This allows the mind to calm down whilst also being productive!

Improvements for next time

Being at University has allowed me to work out what kind of learner I am.

Personally, I’m someone that needs to start in advance, write one draft of work and then improve it over a three-week period. I have tried planning and it does not work for me. Unfortunately, recently I have been Miss, starting work the week it is due.

Sometimes this is unavoidable. This can be very stressful, you should try to stay engaged with your friends so that you remember what daylight looks like.

I have found pub quizzes to be a brilliant solution for this. Sometimes taking a break from work allows new creative ideas to occur, so step away from the computer, have a cut- off point each night and try to work to the best of your ability!

Thanks for reading! I hope this was productive procrastination for you!


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